Maintenance Services

If a bicycle is used regularly then it will eventually need maintenance. Some cyclists prefer to perform these services themselves. However, if people want a more professional job done by an expert then it is better to take their bike to a specialist. Cycling shops tend to offer such maintenance services. 

Health Check

Featured image Maintenance Services Health Check - Maintenance Services

The first thing the bike expert will do is go over the vehicle to determine its overall health. This will allow them to identify any potential faults and come up with a bespoke service package. The cyclist could give information about the bike and any issues they have faced as this will aid the health check. 

Puncture Protection

Featured image Maintenance Services Puncture Protection - Maintenance Services

Punctures are very common with bicycles as tyres will eventually wear down. Bike specialists usually provide puncture protection so that the cyclist will not have to worry about getting a flat. This can involve adding an additional layer to the tyre or replacing it completely. 

Brake And Gear Repair

Featured image Maintenance Services Brake And Gear Repair - Maintenance Services

The brakes are the most important component of a bike. Mechanics will adjust and align bicycle brakes to ensure that they are in working order. The repair or replacement of gears is also a common service provided by bike shops.

Electronic Conversion

Featured image Maintenance Services Electronic Conversion - Maintenance Services

In recent years electric bikes have become very popular. It is possible to convert an older bike to electric power. However, this is a more specialist service and therefore will not be available from all bicycle shops. Instead the bike owner will need to find a specific company that provides conversion. 

Special Offers

Featured image Maintenance Services Special Offers - Maintenance Services

Most bike shops will have special offers in order to entice customers. This could include price reductions on bike tune ups or equipment. It is a good idea to look out for special offers and take advantage of them.