Maintenance Services

If a bicycle is used regularly then it will eventually need maintenance. Some cyclists prefer to perform these services themselves. However, if people want a more professional job done by an expert then it is better to take their bike to a specialist. Cycling shops tend to offer such maintenance services. 

Health Check

Featured image Maintenance Services Health Check - Maintenance Services

The first thing the bike expert will do is go over the vehicle to determine its overall health. This will allow them to identify any potential faults and come up with a bespoke service package. The cyclist could give information about the bike and any issues they have faced as this will aid the health check. 

Puncture Protection

Featured image Maintenance Services Puncture Protection - Maintenance Services

Punctures are very common with bicycles as tyres will eventually wear down. Bike specialists usually provide puncture protection so that the cyclist will not have to worry about getting a flat. This can involve adding an additional layer to the tyre or replacing it completely. 

Brake And Gear Repair

Featured image Maintenance Services Brake And Gear Repair - Maintenance Services

The brakes are the most important component of a bike. Mechanics will adjust and align bicycle brakes to ensure that they are in working order. The repair or replacement of gears is also a common service provided by bike shops.

Electronic Conversion

Featured image Maintenance Services Electronic Conversion - Maintenance Services

In recent years electric bikes have become very popular. It is possible to convert an older bike to electric power. However, this is a more specialist service and therefore will not be available from all bicycle shops. Instead the bike owner will need to find a specific company that provides conversion. 

Special Offers

Featured image Maintenance Services Special Offers - Maintenance Services

Most bike shops will have special offers in order to entice customers. This could include price reductions on bike tune ups or equipment. It is a good idea to look out for special offers and take advantage of them. 

Playing Online Casino Games While Cycling

After cycling for an extended period of time the person will need to take a break. This is especially true if they are enjoying a particularly long ride. Whilst taking this break it is important to rehydrate and rest. The time it takes to do this will vary. It can also be fairly boring. However, if the cyclist chooses these moments to play online casino games they will have much more fun. 

The Portability Of Modern Devices

Featured image Playing Online Casino Games While Cycling The Portability Of Modern Devices - Playing Online Casino Games While Cycling

Many cyclists will bring devices such as smartphones with them. This gives them portable access to the internet. They will be able to get online and log into online casinos such as in a very convenient manner. As long as they have a strong enough connection they can play these games anywhere, including both urban and woodland areas.

The Perfect Way To Spend A Break

Featured image Playing Online Casino Games While Cycling The Perfect Way To Spend A Break - Playing Online Casino Games While Cycling

One of the worst parts of the cycling experience is the tedium of taking breaks. Cyclists will often want that time to pass by as quickly as possible. The distraction of online gambling will certainly help in this regard. Whilst they recover from their exercise their mind can engage in fun gaming experiences. 

It Is Potentially Lucrative

Featured image Playing Online Casino Games While Cycling It Is Potentially Lucrative - Playing Online Casino Games While Cycling

One of the main reasons why people play online casino games is because they hope they will win a big jackpot. Cycling can be an expensive hobby. It requires paying for and maintaining a bicycle. A plethora of equipment also needs to be purchased. If a person manages to win money via online gambling then it can be spent on cycling endeavours. 


Bicycles are the most popular human powered vehicles in the world. They utilise a simple pedal locomotion system and are relatively affordable. Cycling is enjoyed by a plethora of people for recreation and fitness. Bikes are also ideal for regular commutes to and from work. In some regions they are even the principal means of transportation. Cycling has a wide range of applications. Whilst they are popular with children bicycles are also often used by the military, police and courier services. In the sporting world they are used for racing and stunts. It is fair to say that the invention of the bicycle has had a huge impact on global society. 

The History Of Bicycles

Featured image Bicycles The History Of Bicycles - Bicycles

The first vehicle to use a two wheel tandem system was called the “dandy horse” and invented in 1817. Whilst it did not have pedals it is often regarded as the earliest form of bicycle. In 1868 an improved version called the velocipede emerged. It was mechanically propelled via a pedal and crank drive. The most significant development was the safety bicycle of the 1880s. It featured a chain driven cycle and rear wheel drive. This model became the prototype for other bicycles that would come after it. Today there are numerous bike types but none deviate too far from the engineering of the safety bicycle.

Why Are Bicycles So Popular?

Featured image Bicycles Why Are Bicycles So Popular - Bicycles

Bicycles are significantly cheaper to own and maintain than cars. They are also a greener choice as they do not cause emissions. Bikes do not take up much space and can be stored in most homes. Furthermore, an entire culture has formed around the act of cycling. It promotes healthier living and environmental protection. 

The Health Benefits Of Bicycles

Featured image Bicycles The Health Benefits Of Bicycles - Bicycles

Another reason why so many people choose to cycle is because this activity provides several health benefits. Riding a bike regularly can increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle flexibility and strength. Posture and coordination may be improved. It is an ideal way to prevent obesity and diseases associated with inactivity. Cycling has also been proven to decrease stress levels. Therefore this activity is good for both the body and mind. 

Choosing The Right Bicycle Type

Featured image Bicycles Choosing The Right Bicycle Type - Bicycles

There are several factors to bear in mind when choosing the right bicycle type. Firstly the cyclist should determine what its main purpose will be. Their budget will also play a role. Mountain bikes are better for off-roading. Folding ones are popular for work commutes. Racing tends to be performed with a cyclocross. If the rider wants their bike to perform a variety of functions then it is better to go for a hybrid. 

Equipment for Cycling

Once a cyclist has actually found a bike that is right for them, it is time to acquire the numerous pieces of equipment required to ride safely. Readers may undoubtedly be surprised to learn just how many there are. Being aware of them all will ensure that the bike is well maintained and runs efficiently. 


Featured image Equipment for Cycling Lock - Equipment for Cycling

Cyclists need to have a decent lock for when they leave their bike unattended. The most popular ones use a combination or key lock. If cyclists do not have one, then this significantly increases the chances of the bike being stolen. Reliable locks are robust, durable and easy to use. 


Featured image Equipment for Cycling Cover - Equipment for Cycling

On occasion, the bike will be exposed to the elements. This is especially true if it is being stored outside. It is a good idea to use a cover to shelter the bike from the rain. This will help to minimise any rust build-up or abrasions to the paintwork. 

Phone Holder

Featured image Equipment for Cycling Phone Holder - Equipment for Cycling

Many cyclists use modern technology to plan their routes and track their fitness. A large number of people utilise smartphones while out on a ride. They will have a phone holder fitted to their handlebars. This piece of equipment is designed to keep the phone attached to the bike and visible to the rider.

Water Bottle Holder

Featured image Equipment for Cycling Water Bottle Holder - Equipment for Cycling

Hydration is essential when going out for a ride. If a person is dehydrated, they lose focus and become unwell. It is vital that all cyclists have a bottle of water with them. Having a bottle holder attached to the bike is a suitable method for always having a drink within arms reach. 


Featured image Equipment for Cycling Stand - Equipment for Cycling

Some cyclists like to have a kickstand on their bike, similar to the ones seen on motorbikes. They provide stability when the vehicle is stationary. This makes them useful for waiting at traffic lights. When it is time to start pedalling again, the stand can retract in one quick motion. 


Featured image Equipment for Cycling Mudguard - Equipment for Cycling

If the bike is going to be used off-road, then it is useful to have mudguards installed. They will prevent mud or debris from flicking up and hitting the rider. They also shield sections of the bike so that they do not become wet and dirty. Mudguards are essential for cyclists who take regular journeys through woodland areas. 


Featured image Equipment for Cycling Lights - Equipment for Cycling

In the UK, it is the legal requirement of all road bicycles to have front and back lights. They make the cyclist more visible to other vehicles. It is best to choose white lights for the front and red ones for the back. These can be found in most bike shops. The brightness and size of the lights can vary. 


Featured image Equipment for Cycling Bell - Equipment for Cycling

While they are less common than in the past, bells are still sometimes used on bicycles. They are used to alert others of their presence. While analogue bells remain popular, digital ones have emerged on the market in recent years.